05.27.18Brendan McGowan

Hello Richie,
I just wanted to thank you for the great music and inspiration. I had the pleasure to meet you at the 55 Bar years ago and you were so kind and encouraging that it stayed with me all these years. I hope you are well and continue to drum and inspire.
Brendan McGowan

05.11.18Sam traygis

Hi Mr. Morales my father and I recently seen you at the Connecticut drum show. It was an awesome seminar! Very inspiring ! My father is a life long drummer / percussionist who has been working with some other great musicians recently. I wanted to share some of the music with you. I hope it gets into the right ears somewhere along the line! Thanks for your time 🎶 🎶!!!! http://indiemusicpeople.com/songs.aspx?SongID=114062&ArtistID=165778




04.25.18Sam Faraclas

Hi Richie,

I attended the CT Drum Show last weekend and was blown away by your playing and knowledge. I've been playing recordings you've made non-stop since Sunday.

I studied for years with a student of Kenwood Denard and am interested in studying again. I'm playing in 2 bands now and practice daily. I'm 58 years old, by the way...

My friend, Kevin Jones, has contacted you about lessons also. Funny how both of us had the same idea independently. You inspired us...

We live in Connecticut. Where are you located and what are the logistics for lessons?

Thanks very much,
Sam Faraclas

04.23.18Kevin Jones

Hi Richie,
I saw you at the CT Drum Show yesterday and you were great. I really enjoyed what you had to say about the Afro Cuban rhythms, I have been teaching myself the Songa and Mozambique with the help of youtube. I played starting when I was 9 and went on to graduate from the precollege division at Hartt College of Music. I then went to Hartt and studied with Lepak for a while. I also was accepted at Manhattan and Mannes in the city but chose not to go there out of fear that I would have to leave my drum set at home. In fortunately I dropped out of Hartt half way through the second year because I was worried that I would have a difficult time making money playing music. I did take some fusion lessons back in the 80's with a local drummer by the name of Frank Giguere who studied with Kenwood Denard and Bobby Moses. After many years I recently started playing again last year. I bought a Roland V Drum set and I am having a lot of fun, picking up double bass too.
Do you give private lessons at all?
Kevin Jones


Richie, don't know why but thinking of you and did a youtube search of your work. Not surprisingly, quite impressive.
Hope you and your family are well and wishing you all the best for the future.
Amos Poole

11.15.17Michael Nesi


Was interested in lessons, thanks!


10.24.17Sri Viswanath

Hi Richie
I am friend and student of Jeff Andrews.... one of the projects I’m in now involves reggae grooves. The drummer in the band has more of a rock background. Would you consider working with him to help him learn this style.
Sri Viswanath

01.24.17Geoff Randall


II hope you're doing well. It's been a long time, and I seem to have lost your contact info. If you're so inclined, shoot me an email with your phone number so we can catch up in WhatsApp. or whatever. It would be great to hear from you.

Un fuerte abrazo,


12.01.16David quintrell

Hey Ritchie I had the honor of being your drum tech and lighting director for spyro gyra on the 89-90 tours greatest drummer I ever worked with ! Thank you for those memories

11.30.15Peg Nemoff

Hola Richie,

Tal vez me recuerdas de Residential College en Ann Arbor. Estaba pensando en ti y decidi buscarle a ud en la internet. Pues, veo que estas bien y que tiene una vida lleno de las cosas buenas. Enough of my broken Spanish. I just wanted to say hello. I knew you would go far, when I briefly knew you in 71. My life is good and I just thought I would say helio. Sincerely, Peg Nemoff

06.11.14Gene Perla

Hi Richie,
Don Alias and I started writing a book about 20 years ago, and I'm in the final stretch of completing it. I've been interviewing people who knew/played with him including Chick, McBride, DeJohnette, etc. Someone told me you interacted with him. If that's the case, would you consider doing an interview with me for the book? Hope so.
Wishing you the best,

06.10.14ronnie cuber

hey richie where u at?
917 334 3899

04.24.14rokko jans

I'm in NYC till 5/4 showcasing my new musical Nicholas Nickleby at the Theater For The New City in the East Village. Seeing Ellen & Norman Sunday
All the best,

04.13.14Brad Malkus

Hi Richie,

I don't know if you remember me, but I worked with Spyro Gyra when you were playing with them. I am in the process of cleaning up the drum kit I bought from you back in the 80's and thought I'd see how you were doing. I think the kit in the picture in your gallery labeled "It's Was All Yellow" is the same one.
I hope you are doing well and still playing as amazingly as the last time I heard you.


10.22.12Andy Joerin

Dear Richi Morales,

i am a drummer from Switzerland following your drumming career with interest since years. Especially your time with Spyro Gyra was inspiring a lot my drum playing. But there is one song, that has been still a secret to me, which always drops my jaw listening to it: the song "Breakout" on the same named album . Unfortunately i am not able to hear exactly the ghost notes you are playing. Also the right hand cymbal figure is quite hard to difine. Does it exist a transcription from the groove?

Thank you very much for your suggestions

Andy Joerin

04.30.12Tom Ihde

I am digitalizing my Spyro Gyra early collection. The 80's were albums as you know and I have no way to play them anymore. I was just listening to Breakout and my favorite song is body wave written by you. Just wanted to say still listening to you and enjoying your talent. Hope this finds you and your family well.

10.25.11Gary Van Scyoc

Great to share the stage with you at May Pang's party Sunday! I'm a huge fan.
Gary Van Scyoc
John Lennon's Plastic Ono Elephants Memory Band

09.28.11Steve Green

Greeting's! I hope these words find you you in the best of health and spirits. I just wanted to tell you I've always loved the way you play the drums. I saw you live with Gato in 78, Chicago Theatre with George Benson. When the Caliente album was on fire! I even met you, I was sixteen at the time, and couldn't believe a human could play the drums the way you did! Who was that bass player? WOW! Fiesta was always my fav. I think about you all the time and those memories. May God continue to bless you and your entire family. Always Striving High, Steve Green

09.12.11Nick Potito

Richie: When I gave you that drum pad so long ago I knew you would be one of the best. Love, Uncle Nick

08.08.11Bert Canfield

Hola, Senor Morales! My name is Bert Canfield, and I have loved the music you created with SpyroGyra for a very long time. I am also a drummer, and I am extremely fond of your music and talent. You have been my biggest influence in developing my skills. ("Daddy's Got A New Girl Now" from the Rites of Summer album is the ringtone for my daughters on my cell phone).
I have been recovering from the illness encephalitis for almost one year now, and I wanted to thank you for your music. It has helped me a great deal in my healing process. Muchas gracias, mi amigo! Que el Señor los bendiga a todos!

03.08.11Geoff Randall


I was bored in the office, goofing around on the internet, and came upon your webpage, so I thought I'd give you a shout out. I've thought of you frequently over the years and have tried to follow your career from afar. It makes me happy to know that you've had so much professional sucess; you certainly deserve it. I'm still down in Miami, still practicing law, enjoying my second marriage, and doing my best to age with as much dignity and decorum as possible against the ever-rising tide of South Beach youth and beauty. It would be great to get together sometime to catch up. If you ever get down this way, please let me know so that I can take you out again for some good comida cubana. (Do you remember the dinner at La Carreta many years ago after the Spyro Gyra concert?) In any event, drop me a line when you have a free minute; I'd love to hear from you.

Fuerte abrazo,


11.07.10kenwood Dennard

HI, Richie,

Kenwood here. I have a student named Ronald Stockwell. He\'s finishing up at the New School in Nyc and he\'s looking for a masters in performance and education. Would you recommend SUNY Purchase?

617 266-9282 email me if you have a quick moment.

Hope all\'s well. :-) what is your email address? Peace